Our feasibility study report is the evaluation of the viability of a development project. We analyse whether a proposed task can operate under a given set of assumptions, such as the technology used and the monetary aspects of the construction work.
We focus on the verification of all the alternatives on the choice of technology, equipment, location, capacity, financing methods and the assumptions of the project.


After the initial stages of the project we prepare a concept design including a coordinated and updated proposal for the structural scheme.
We present our summarized work to the client and address any comments which may come up as a result of the reviewing process. 
​We explore options and test them using illustrations, sketches and models. 


Once the conceptual process is complete and the conceptual design proposal is approved we carry on with the final design where sufficient details are provided and structural analysis is finalized.
By the end of the stage we produce general arrangement drawings, details, sections and all required specifications to allow the contractor to proceed with construction works.



At the end of design process all the specifications and drawings are handed over to the main builder who is appointed by the client and take the lead with construction works.
During that stage we are still involved in the process via site inspections and meeting to making sure the works are done according to specifications.




The brief is an essential part of the design process which establishes the scope of project in colsultation with the client. We need to know what is most important for the client, the place and the people who will be affected by it, given the budget, time frame and others parameters that might impact the design. The brief describes, in general terms, the structural systems of each building and other on-site structures. It also helps to evaluate the effectiveness of a design during creation process to keep the project on track and on budget. 


The next step in the design process is to collect all the information available that relates to the project such as: all engineering reports on existing structures, topographical survey, existing structures and services, certificate of title other legal Information and  design constraints.
We pay a great attention to the detailed research of the available information about the site and carry on with the site appraisal to highlight and manage any potential risks associated with existing constraints.