We use a range of industry-standard software to model the resulting movements, including consideration of timing of prop installation and excavation stages. Our ground movement analysis is based on the finite element method and intended for 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional engineering and design.


With great precision we are able to estimate the impact of the underground works such as basement excavation or piling on the adjacent buildings, tunnels, sewers or third party underground assets.
Along with our technical expertise, we also draw on our huge experience of working throughout the UK and abroad.


Our extensive knowledge provides us the ability to analyze the soil and rock deformation, stability and soli structure interaction. With plastic , consolidation and safety analysis  calculation type, a broad range of geotechnical problems can be solved. 


Ground movements can arise for a wide range of reasons, including excavation of basements, tunnelling, foundation loadings, and clay shrinkage and swelling. To estimate the effect on surrounding structures, most urban tunnelling or excavation work requires ground movement and structural damage assessments.