The report details the structural condition and adequacy of all the loadbearing elements inspected. It identifies any structural problems or concerns and recommends what needs to be done to rectify the problem. Our reports are always carried out by a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer with extensive experience of Structural Reports in the UK area. 


With our extensive knowledge of construction techniques combined with continuous refurbishment projects, we are perfectly placed to understand problems. We provide specialist advice for likely causes of the defect, and also offer recommendations of any necessary remedial works.


We visit the property to conduct the survey which focuses on the structural condition of roofs, internal walls, external walls and floors. In addition the survey considers any evidence of foundation problems. Once we have conducted the survey we  explain any defects identified within the report, provide our opinion on the cause of any problems, recommend any necessary repairs. 


Investigations into existing buildings, their defects and current condition is our practice’s core activity, along with building design. The purpose is to identify the cause of any movement of, damage to, or general structural inadequacy relating to the accessible parts of the property apparent at the time of inspection.   If you are concerned about the condition of a building structure we can offer a General Structural Inspection.